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amLeague club - June 2017

Paris, 2016, June 19 – amLeague gathered its members, management companies and large investors, who support its action in the premises of ITG. Participants were welcomed by David Angel, ITG, CEO France, a privileged partner for asset management companies of all sizes, worldwide and in France in particular. ITG services of execution, Best Execution control and order routing are ideally positioned in view of MIF2 evolution.

After a reminder by Marie Luchet, Head of France and Southern Europe, of PRI key commitments, the main topic of the meeting was value creation.

amLeague showed its flagship index, amLeague_Euro45, which outperforms its benchmark by more than 1% on a YTD basis and which is replicated in a fund La Française amLeague Euro45 since the beginning of June.

Michel Ménigoz, Head of Equities Portfolio Management at amaïka, presented extracts of their proprietary tool allowing the visualization of value creation for the funds they analyze.

François Chauvet, CEO FundClass, has shown how the FundClass tool can rank more than 70,000 funds in 208 homogeneous categories with two main founding principles: compare the comparable and allow the best performers’ selection within the same risk profile.

Then, Christophe Geissler, CEO Advestis, explained how Machine Learning could respond to a market need while warning against dependence on a "black box": the algorithmic tool at the service of asset management by eliminating judgment biases.

Equity GPS, Company co-founded by Gilles Bazy-Sire, Chair Man, and Julien Vannier, CEO, proposes an expert system that daily reassesses the valuation and dynamics of the financial perspectives for 6,000 stocks representing more than 85% of the world's market capitalization.

Finally, Edmond Schaff, Head of Research and Fund Selection at Cedrus AM, showed how a discretionary touch can be added to portfolios pre-selected with statistical tools, in particular to analyze styles and geographical deviations biases of the different managers.

Before concluding, Jean Eyraud, Chairman of af2i, the institutional investors' association, introduced Eric Pinon, Chairman of AFG, the French Association of Financial Management, recalling the close link between institutional investors and asset managers.

After thanking amLeague for its action centered on asset managers’ core business, the financial management, Eric Pinon indicated the 3 priorities he has set for his mandate:

1. Making Paris the reference point for financial management and innovation in Europe

2. Promote the asset managers' community of resources in order to enable notably smaller players to concentrate on their core business

3. Ensure the education of investors on the whole offer of French financial management

Pictures of the event

About amLeague:
Founded in 2010 by Antoine Briant, amLeague offers a new standard for measuring performance of active managers on a comparable, public and transparent basis through notional mandates. Asset classes and management rules for each mandate are defined by a panel of major investors closely involved in the development of amLeague since its inception. To date, the amLeague championship brings together 41 French and international management companies and covers the Euro, Europe Europe SRI, Global , Global Low Carbon equity universes and asset allocation (Multi Asset Class). The performances are available on :

amLeague is a research data provider in asset-management, intended for portfolio managers, investors and TPM. The notional portfolios operated under amLeague can be converted into strategies or indices and thus be made replicable.

Thus amLeague acts as administrator and calculation agent for active management strategies and indices, some of which are the subject of a replication in investment funds.

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