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1Level Playing Field Rankings

‘amLeague is an online storefront based on Institutional Investors criteria. Very different than a funds classification’ – an Institutional Investor
  • Active sponsoring from a Club of Institutional Investors: mandate guidelines’ definition
  • Portfolio managers demonstrate their management capabilities in a 100% transparent and 100% comparable way
  • amLeague publishes performance tables per mandate: Euro Equities, Europe SRI Equities, Global Equities, Multi Asset Class,etc.

2Strategies and Indices

‘Our indicial fund replicates an amLeague Index: easy, transparent and an exhaustive information’ – an Institutional Investor

amLeague is an Active Management Index Provider: from the data and research produced amLeague builts up either public or customised indices that can easily be replicated by an indicial manager.

  • Public indices: created and monitored by amLeague, based on purely quantitative criteria
  • Customised indices: designed by an investor (Institutionals, Multimanagers, IFAs, ...) on its customised criteria and monitored by amLeague

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