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The interest generated by the transparency, fairness, and comparability of amLeague rankings quickly turned into a real commercial demand: institutional investors want to invest in amLeague’s mandates. They can analyze with confidence the capabilities of the asset managers they decide to trust, thanks to the permanent control of an independent third party: amLeague.

amLeague_INDEXING service allows investors, multi-managers and distributors to invest in the replicas of the notional mandates portfolios that are analyzed and displayed in the rankings section of amLeague website. It is a mechanism that provides the alpha of the best asset managers.

amLeague_INDEXING is therefore the process allowing the perfect replication of a single or set of asset managers, selected on amLeague platform. This process provides the investor with a fully replicable index that is either public (ESMA compliant) or proprietary (strategy for the sole use of the investor)

The notional performance, as displayed in the rankings, is calculated with intraday trades as in real conditions.

To replicate the notional mandate, it is necessary to calculate the Trading at Close mandate's performance, valuing all executed trades with their closing price. This simple valuation standard allows to remove the replication obstacles caused by intraday movements. Not only does it enable investors to “buy” the management they have analyzed on amLeague’s rankings, it also reduces the tracking error, and provides a reference benchmark for the replicated portfolio.

The Trading at Close performance is displayed in the Trading at Close NAVs' tab on amLeague website.


 Notional MandatesTrading at Close Mandates
Reference price for positions Closing Price Closing Price
Transaction Fees 0.15% 0.15%
Reference price for daily trades Market price Closing Price
Impacts on cash Market price Closing Price

amLeague_INDEXING process provides 2 types of products:

  • amLeague Indices (public index) are compliant with ESMA recommendations for the future regulation on public indices: methodology, components, reshuffling rules,…have to be publicly available. amLeague indices composition is reshuffled once a month and published on amLeague website
  • amLeague Strategies (proprietary index) are set by investors (institutional, IFAs, banks, multimanagers, …) in order to ensure the most closely replication capacity : all trades passed by asset managers on notional porfolios are replicated on a daily basis

The examples below are not an exhaustive list and are for illustrative purposes only.

For more information on the indicial portfolios'aggregation process, please click here.


Objective Beat the benchmark
Asset Managers Selection Algorithm based on objective criteria (performance, IR, Sharpe ratio, etc.)
Rebalancing period Defined ex-ante
Specific requirements The selection algorithm



Objective Replicate a specific investment style (value, growth, dividends, etc.)
Asset Managers Selection Based on subjective criteria provided by a third-party
Rebalancing period Defined ex-ante
Specific requirements The subjective criteria used for the selection must be duly documented, and provided by a third-party in agreement with amLeague’s confidentiality agreements. A selection committee meeting is compulsary in order to amend the selection method.



Objective Replicate a specific return behavior (low beta, high alpha, TE, Black-Treynor ratio, etc.)
Asset Managers Selection Algorithm based on objective criteria
Rebalancing period Defined ex-ante
Specific requirements The objective criteria used in the selection must be displayed on amLeague’s website. Should an investor want to create a profiled strategy using other objective criteria, their publication on amLeague’s website becomes a prerequisite. A selection committee meeting is compulsory in order to amend the selection method.



Objective Meet specific investment needs
Asset Managers Selection Discretionary
Rebalancing period Discretionary
Specific requirements Customized  Strategies are tailor-made to answer specific clients’ investment needs and profiles. As such, they are not public and do not need to be published on amLeague’s website.