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About amLeague

Our company

amLeague is a company registered in the Commercial Register of Geneva with a CHF 100 000 equity.

Its founder, Antoine Briant, created AMR (Asset Management Rating) in July 1998, specialized in global asset-managers rating now a branch of FitchRatings.

Technical and operational resources are located in Geneva.

amLeague is neither a consultant, nor a fund manager, nor a multimanager.

In 2014, amLeague is a Benchmark administrator and disclose its extent of compliance with the 19 IOSCO principles:

- Compliance with IOSCO principles
- amLeague as an Index Administrator


Our team

Antoine BRIANT (52) begins his career as an interest rates consultant in risk management. In the early 90's he founds Finance Arbitrage (FA), an investment consulting firm for pension funds and benefit institutions. FA becomes a leader in its market before being sold to HEWITT in 2002.

In July 1998, Antoine creates AMR (Asset Management Ratings), a company specialized in the ratings of global Asset Managers, which was acquired by the FITCHRATINGS agency in 2000.

From January 2002 to May 2007, Antoine returns to the market by founding Go.Fx2 am, an asset management firm specializing in Gouvernment Bonds, Fixed Income, and Forex.

Go.Fx2 am is bought by the company AssetFi in 2007, after which Antoine becomes an independent consultant for financial institutions, while working on a new project.

The first steps to promote amLeague begin in November 2009. In June 2010, asset managers execute their very first orders on the platform, and the track record begins.

Benjamin ABBOU (40), graduated from Ecole des Mines in Paris and from Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), acted as head of project management - specialized in market finance for various banking institutions.

At the same time of amLeague which he joined in January 2011, he heads the company Hexalogic, specialized in Web development and mobile applications.

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