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Selection tools

amLeague Selection Tools

Create your investable strategy and compare its performance to those of amLeague portfolio managers.

The procedure couldn’t be simpler: analyze the data, select your asset managers, blend them into a customizable portfolio, and rebalance the composition of your strategy as frequently as you like.

amLeague selection tools offers 2 ways to create proprietary and customized investible strategies, which allows the creation of dynamic allocation strategies: customized selection of underlying portfolios and strategy computation tool. In order to have an insight on the methodology and the terminology of amLeague investable strategies, please follow this link.

Create a customized strategy by selecting the underlying managers and assigning relative weight to each manager.

User Guide:

  • Go to My strategies tab of this page
  • Click “New strategy” on the top right corner
  • Enter a name for your strategy
  • Select the asset class/mandate on which you want to create your investable strategies
  • Enter the start date for your portfolio

Create the composition of your portfolio

  • Go to My strategy composition tab of the page or simply click on “edit composition”
  • Make your choice of the underlying asset managers
  • Assign them a relative weight in % (i.e. 25). Please note that the sum of the weights must equal 100%
  • Select the start date for the composition (please note, that if this is the first composition of the strategy, the start date has to equal the inception date of the fund)
  • Press “save”
  • Repeat the procedure for as many composition changes as you wish

Strategy computation tool allows you to build a dynamic allocation strategy based on specified criteria of choice.

Strategy computation tool:

  • Go to Strategy Computation tab of this page
  • Enter a name for your strategy
  • Select the asset class/mandate
  • Choose the observation period, the reshuffle frequency and weight computation
  • Insert selection criteria (please note that the filters are eliminatory criteria, whereas the rating criteria assigns importance weights of each of the criteria added)
  • Click on compute strategy (the strategy will be saved automatically and the strategy composition will be created automatically)
  • Review, adjust and recalculate your dynamic allocation strategy to generate excess returns and compare them to the performance of amLeague Portfolio Managers!