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About amLeague


In order to adress the lack of transparency and comparability in the existing ranking tools, the key idea with amLeague consists in:

  • starting, for a given competitive universe (eg: european equities) from a unique portfolio management framework (“guidelines”) established by professionals
  • inviting asset-managers to express their management capabilities on the basis of these guidelines
  • for that, giving them all facilities to manage a “notional mandate” (= paper portfolio)
  • establish their NAV, calculate and publish their performances and rankings

How does it work?

  • a new asset-manager can enter a competitive universe at quarter-ends; a € 100 million mandate is assigned
  • through an electronic trading platform ensuring total confidentiality, the portfolio-manager sends his trades
  • the notional orders are sent to and “executed” by a broker on an anonymous basis, after checking their compliance to mandate’s guidelines
  • each portfolio-manager uses amLeague platform as his real life middle office service


How does it work?

A robust technical platform

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